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Registration into Alumni Club is available for Palacký University graduates. Registration to the Alumni Club is based on the verification of name, surname, date of birth and study programme. The submitted data will be verified in our database afterwards.

In case of successful verification, we will send you a confirmation email. The confirmation will come with generated password to your UPlumni account, you can change it any time after the first login.

In case that the registration and the verification was not successful, it may be due to the following:

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  • You are not a real graduate of Palacký University - you cannot register for the Alumni Club
  • If you are convinced that you are a real graduate of Palacký University but your registration was unsuccessful, contact us by e-mail:

Recently registered alumni:
Pavesi Davide [Research and Development in Educational Studies]
GARDEE Sara Maryam [General Medicine]
CHEN Pei-Ya [Všeobecné lékařství]
PUNIL Farahliza Grace [General Medicine]
SHARIR Siti Aainaa Binti [General Medicine]
JEYAKUMAR Mayuri [General Medicine]
FAISZ Ahamed Thanish [General Medicine]
AL ALI Alla [General Medicine]
MAHESWARAN Jeyaletchumy [General Medicine]
AIZIK NISSIM Karin [General Medicine]